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This site aims to record Neil Gaiman's published works as thoroughly as possible.

"One of the really, really, really gloriously obsessive fans of mine" - Neil Gaiman on Late Night with Seth Meyers 6/23/2016
"...possessor of a collection of my stuff that rivals the one in my attic" - Neil Gaiman on 6/4/2002

I'm fascinated at the process of things being made. Searching out advance reading copies of comics means more than having yet one more edition of something - sometimes they provide that look behind the curtain too! As an example, here is a copy of the preview of Children's Crusade that was sent to retailers, but before all the words were put in!

February 3 2019: Added Hellblazer Halloween comic, American Gods: My Ainsel #7-9, two issues of Cicada from 2009, Fantastic Tales Of Terror, Mammoth Book Of Halloween Stories, Best Of The Best Horror
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September 24: Added Only The End Of The World Again Dark Horse collection, Eight Rules For Writing print Mack version, Gaiman/McGinnis box set, Graveyard Book Easton Press edition
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September 22: Added Anansi Boys radio play CD, Norse Mythology UK paperback 2018, Norse Mythology US large print paperback, Norse Mythology US paperback, Norse Mythology Hudson paperback, The Bulletin of the SF&F Writers Of America #201, Mad Con 2001 Program Book, Where We Live, American Gods Unofficial Coloring Book, Writers And Their Cats. Added image of regular hardcover edition of Weight Of Words
September 20: Added Conversations With Neil Gaiman
September 19: Added 2001: An Odyssey In Words
September 17: Added American Gods: My Ainsel issues 1-6 all covers
September 16: Added Folk And Fairy Tales fifth edition
August 12: Added Nothing O'Clock, Mine!
August 11: Added Shock, Terry Pratchett: From Birth To Death A Writer, Cat Stories, Fragile Things US and UK 2018 reprints, The Cackle Of Cthulhu, Newbery Award Classic Collection. Updated Frazetta magazine #3 to include comic-con variant and fixed typo
July 30: Absolute Sandman Overture
July 29: Added Time Out research (no finds), Dr.Who The Complete History V.74, Pogo 3&4 Box Set, Sandman Mini-Bookend Set.
March 6: Added Best Horror Of The Year V.8 MP3 CD, Comic Book History Of Comics V.2#2, American Gods FYC Golden Globes, American Gods comic collection V.1. Updated (at last! I've been looking for this one forever!) Comics Scoreboard, Time Out #971, Good Omens 1991 UK Paperback.
February 15: Added research to Time Out (no new finds added)
January 25: Added Stardust and Anansi Boys ISIS audio books
January 24: Added Pogo V.4, Trigger Warning bookmark, Neverwhere ISIS audio book, American Gods ISIS audio book
January 18: Added Smoke And Mirrors (anthology) Lettered edition, Making Mistakes print, Neil's New Year Wish 2 print and postcard
January 17: Added It Occurs To Me That I Am America, The Weight Of Words, Untold Tales Of Armistead Maupin
January 6: Added A Poem For Every Day
January 5: Updated Stardust UK paperback 2000, Information Doesn't Want To Be Free audio book to include MP3 CD, In The Shadow Of Frankenstein audio book to include CD
January 2 2018: Updated Stardust UK Paperback 2013 and View From The Cheapseats UK paperback 2017
December 31: Added DrWho: The Cybermen, DrWho Monsters Gift Set, The Moth V5&6, The Moth V.1-10, The Museum Of Curiosity series 1-4, Strung Out In Heaven, Songs Of Love And Death audio book, Ansible #50, Amanda Palmer coverings Velvet Underground CD, and a bunch of Neverwear postcards. Updated Future Shock US DVD, Princess Mononoke US 2017 DVD, Ultimate Laika DVD
December 23: Added Mike Jones Trio: Roaring, Luck Of Eden Hall promo CD, Stardust Radio Play CD, How The Marquis Got His Coat Back CD, 365 Cats, DC Univrse By Mignola, DC Universe by Neil Gaiman, Literature Kit: Graveyard Book, Summarized & Analyzed: Graveyard Book, Fame: Neil Gaiman, American Gods promo books. Updated Only Forward.
December 21: Added several Mononoke versions, The Ultimate Laika Collection, Future Shock Severin edition
December 20: Added American Gods US and UK DVDs and BluRays, Starz FYC discs
December 19: Added Weight Hacking, Neverwhere UK paperback 2017, Neverwhere US 2016 McGinnis, Neverwhere US Hardcover 2017 signed and unsigned,, Norse Mythology Black Friday edition, Norse Mythology Large Print, Black Dog, Monarch Of The Glen. Updates Norse Mythology UK paperback 2017
December 15: Added In The Shadow Of Frankenstein MP3 CD, Logical Family audio book, Tori Amos Strange Little Girls
December 14: Added Improbable Sherlock MP3 CD. Troll's-Eye View MP3 CD, Sleeper And The Spindle slipcased editions, Welcome To Bordertown regular and special edition MP3 CDs, A Wolf At The Door MP3 CD
December 13: Added Graveyard Book US 2017 hardcover, 6 Lankhmar MP3 CDs (for some bizarre reason, one book they didn't keep the intro on)
December 12: Added American Gods US paperback 2016, UK hardcover 2016, US mass market paperback 2017, US Trade paperback 2017, and Folio Society editions and the Penguin Galaxy boxed set
December 11: Added Wonderbook, Book Of Ballads original art edition, Anansi Boys 2016 US paperback and UK Hardcover, Ocean At The End Of The Lane US Paperback 2016
December 10: Added Chipp Kidd Book Two, View From The Cheapseats UK original paperback, 2017 paperback format B, and US paperback, Cinnamon UK Hardcover, Stardust UK paperback 2014 and US 2016.
December 5: Added Trilogia De Guillermo Del Toro, Kindley Ones ARC, American Gods #8-9, Chu's Day At The Beach UK paperback, Big Issue #1241, Visionary Tongue #4, American Gods coloring book, Amazing Storytellers, Six Words: Fresh Off The Boat, Only Forward, Ghosts of Christmas Past, This Is What A Libraian Looks Like, Tribe Of Mentors. Updated Bangs And Whimpers hardcover, both Punch issues. Changed Untitled Whitgiffian Magazine to Unicorn.
December 1: Added Best New Horror 27 limited edition
September 21: Added American Gods comic #2-7, Fairy Tales In Popular Culture, Stardust Spineless poster, Time Out #971, Mr.Hero promo cup, Ansible #37 and #41, Journey Planet #1, N.R.Hills Nails. Updated NYTimes Book Review image
September 17: Added Behold, Good Omens US World Book Night, Djinn Falls In Love, American Gods comic adaptation Ashcan, #1 CCEE and SDCC covers and image for Nerdblock cover
September 16: Updated Orrible Murders to have separate page for each edition. Added Uncle, Marvelous Transformations, Coraline 10th anniversary edition, Light The Dark.
May 13: Added Neil Gaiman Coloring Book Jill Thompson edition, Cinnamon US edition
May 7: Added Time Out #850. Added 9 editions of Norse Mythology
April 9: Added photos for Graveyard Book comic adaptation limited edition, Salem's Lot numbered edition, Walking Through The Landscape Of Faerie, Dr.Who Novellas: Eye Of The Tyger very limited edition indeed, Eternity's Wheel Subterranean lettered edition
April 1: Found a page with old formatting; fixed. Added American Gods #1 (7 covers), Walking Through The Landscape Of Faerie, Forbidden Brides adaptation, Troll Bridge adaptation
March 29: Moved 100 words from Comics to Comic Adaptations. Added Best New Horror V.27, Batman Arkham Poison Ivy, Ocean At The End Of The Lane Easton Press, Graveyard Book single-volume edition adaptation
March 26: Added The Moth Presents All These Wonders, Authors Coloring Book, The Luck Of Eden Hall: The End Of The Lane 7", Artists and Writers Cookbook, Critical Insights, added image for Locus 651 and updated entry, Singing Bones, The British Invasion!, Odd And The Frost Giants 2016 edition both US and UK, Here I Stand, Graveyard Book comic adaptation limited edition (image to come), Salem's Lot (image to come)
February 25: Added Neverwhere UK Hardcover 2016, picture for Children And Libraries (and correct V.7#1 to V.7 #2), Gutted, American Gods/Anansi Boys UK omnibus, DrWho Complete History V.67
February 19: Added Head Land, Terry Pratchett Diary, Year's Best Dark Fantasy And Horror 2016, American Gods/Anansi Boys Omnibus 2016 edition
Januray 21 2017: Added Untitled Whitgiftian Magazine, Trochut deisgned editions of 2001, Dune, The Left Hand Of Darkness, Neuromancer, The Once And Future King, and Stranger In A Strange Land

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If you know of any items not listed here please contact me at SaveUsCoraline at gmail dot com. I've had a few emails recently asking me to add links to different sites or online postings of Neil's work. While I appreciate the thought, I do not maintain a links section on this site. I have no special access to Neil himself and am unable to contact him on your behalf.