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Editors: Tara Prescott
Originally published in/as: US Paperback
Publisher: McFarland & Company
Cover Photo: Pinguino Kolb
Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 978-0-7864-9477-4
UPC: 9-780786-494774
Price: $35.00

"Introduction" by Tara Prescott p1-8
"The American Odyssey" by Jenn Anya Prosser p9-18
"The Anxiety Of Disappearance" by Michael B. Key p19-28
"Towards A Feminist Reading Of Gaiman's Picture Books" by Renata Lucena Dalmaso p29-38
"'The Old Man Was Gone': The Problematic Unity Of Tricksters, Gods and Fathers in Anansi Boys And American Gods" by Laura-Marie Von Czarnowsky p39-51
"'You Heard Her, You Ain't Blind': The 'Haunting' Presence Of Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Danielle Russell p52-64
"The Jungle, The Graveyard And The Feral Child: Imitating And Transforming Kipling Beyond Pastiche" by Jennifer McStotts p65-82
"Wisdom, Strength And Courtesy: Graveyard-Favor Go With Thee" by Margaret Seyford Hrezo p83-95
"'We've Upgraded Ourselves': Gaiman's Resurrection Of The Cybermen" by Emily Capettini p97-111
"What Neil Gaiman Teaches Us About Survival: Making Good Art And Diving Into The Ocean" by Monica Miller p113-122
"Remembering The Dead: Narratives Of Childhood" by Rebecca Long p123-136
"Augustinian Memory And Place" by Andrew Eichel p137-151
"Not At Home: Examining The Uncanny" by Yaeri Kim p152-163
"'The Essence Of Grandmotherliness': Ideal Motherhood And Threatening Female Sexuality" by Courtney M. Landis p164-177
"Remixing Time And Space" by Merideth Garcia p179-194
"Aperture For A Storyteller: An Interview With J.H. Williams III" by John Bultena p195-215
"Warming Up The Strings" by Tara Prescott p216-231
"Issue #1 Through A New Reader's Eyes" by Nadia Eshraghi p232-237
"Listening To The Endless: Music And Musicians In The Extended Sandman Universe" by Tom Zlabinger p238-251
"Beginnings And Endless-ings" by Judd Winick p252-253