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Finding Light In The Shadows

Editors: Joseph Michael Sommers and Kyle Eveleth
Originally published in/as: US Hardcover and Paperback
Publisher: University Press Of Mississippi
Cover Photo: Getty Images/Ulf Anderson
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN Hardcover: 978-1-4968-2164-5
ISBN Paperback: 978-1-4968-2165-2
UPC Hardcover: 9-781496-821645
UPC Paperback: 9-781496-821652
Price Hardcover: $99.00
Price Paperback: $30.00

"Introduction: Lux In Tenebris: Finding The Light In The Darkness And The Child In The Adult" by Joseph Michael Sommers and Kyle Eveleth
"Perspective, Empathy, And Activism: Neil Gaiman's The View From The Cheapseats" by Tara Prescott
"Comics Grammar In Neil Gaiman And Dave McKean's Picture Book Collaborations" by Krystal Howard
"Dreaming The Universe: The Sandman: Overture, Creation Myths, And The Ultimate Observer" by Kristine Larsen
"Neil Gaiman And The Multifarious Approach To The Superhero" by Darren Harris-Fain
"At The Edge Of The Barely Perceptible: Temporality And Masculinity In Mr.Punch And Violent Cases" by Christopher D. Kilgore
"Evil Witch! I'm Not Scared!: Monstrous Visualizations Of The Other Mother In Multimodal Adaptations Of Neil Gaiman's Coraline" by Justin Witgard
"Between Mimesis And Fantasy: Binaries And Boundaries In The Books Of Magic" by Andrew Eichel
"Inverted Spaces: Rising From London Below And The Dark Lands In Neverwhere And MirrorMask" by Zuleyha Cetiner-Oktem
"The Shadow Or The Self: The Construction Of Neil Gaiman On Social Media" by Lanette Cadle
"Damsels In Deep Rest No More: The Coalescense Of Light And Dark In Blueberry Girl, The Wolves In The Walls, And The Sleeper And The Spindle" by Danielle Russell
"Liminality And The Gothic Sublime Of The Sandman" by Erica McCrystal
"Queering Space In Neil Gaiman's Illustrated Works" by Renata Lucena Dalmaso and Thayse Madella
"Weaving New Dreams From Old Cloth: Conceptual Blending And Hybrid Identities In Neil Gaiman's Fairy-Tale Retellings" by Anna Katrina Gutierrez
"Coda: 'A Walking Shadow': Life As A Reader And Author Of Neil Gaiman" by Joe Sutliff Sanders
"A Short Conversation With Neil Gaiman On Comics" by Joseph Michael Sommers
"The Art Of Adaptation: An Interview With P. Craig Russell" by Kyle Eveleth and Joseph Michael Sommers