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Editors: Tara Prescott and Aaron Drucker
Originally published in/as: US Paperback
Publisher: McFarland & Company
Cover Art: Alvin Booth
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7864-6636-8
UPC: 9-780786-466368
Price: $35.00

"Introduction" by Aaron Drucker and Tara Prescott
"Speaking The Cacophony Of Angels: Gaiman's Women And The Fracturing Of Phallocentric Discourse" by Rachel R. Martin
"The Power Of The Perky: The Feminist Rhetoric Of Death" by Lanette Cadle
"Agency Through Fragmentation? The Problem Of Delirium In The Sandman" by Justin Mellette
"It's Pretty Graphic: Sexual Violence And The Issue Of Calliope" by Tara Prescott
"Empowering Voice And Refiguring Retribution: Neil Gaiman's Anti-Feminism Femnist Parable In The Sandman" by Aaron Drucker
"Feminist Subjectivity In Neil Gaiman's Black Orchid" by Sarah Cantrell
"When Superheroes Awaken: The Revisionist Trope In Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602" by Renata Dalmaso
"Outfoxed: Feminine Folklore And Agency In The Dream Hunters" by Coralline Dupuy
"A Boy And His Box, Off To See The Universe: Madness, Power And Sex In The Doctor's Wife" by Emily Capettini
"Unmasking M(other)hood: Third-Wave Mothering In Gaiman's Coraline And Mirrormask" by Danielle Russell
"'The Fairest Of All: Snow White And Gendered Power In Snow, Glass, Apples" by Elizabeth Law
"Inverting The Fairy Tale: The Value Of The Complex Female In Chivalry" by Jennifer McStotts
"Feminist Fairy Tales In Who Killed Amanda Palmer" by Monica Miller
"Liminality And Empowerment: The Aged Woman In Neil Gaiman's Queen Of Knives And Chivalry" by Agata Zarzycka
"Anathema Liked To Read About Herself: Preserving The Female Line In Good Omens" by Jessica Walker
"Doors, Vortices And In-Between: Quantum Cosmological Goddesses In The Gaiman Multiverse" by Kristine Larsen