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The Mythological Dimensions Of Neil Gaiman

Editors: Anthony S. Burdge, Jessica Burke, and Kristine Larsen
Originally published in/as: US Paperback
Publisher: Kitsune Books
Cover Art: Catherine Sparsidis
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9827409-7-2
UPC: 9-780982-740972
Price: $15.00

"Foreword" by Matthew Dow Smith
"Preface" by Lynnette Porter
"The Authors And The Critics: Gaiman, Tolkien & Beowulf" by Jason Fisher
"The Problem With Bod: Examining The Evolution of Neil Gaiman’s Response To C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle In “The Problem Of Susan” And The Graveyard Book" by Chelsey Kendig
"Ravens, Librarians And Beautiful Ladies: Bakhtinian Dialogueism In The Gothic Mythology Of Neil Gaiman And George McDonald" by Melody Green
"What Ever Happened To The Time Lord? Mythology And Fandom In Neil Gaiman’s Contributions To Unfolding Texts" by Matt Hills
"So Long And Thanks For All The Dents! A Guide For The Hitchhiker Through The Worlds Of Douglas Adams And Neil Gaiman" by Anthony Burdge
"Consorting With The Gods: Exploring Gaiman’s Pan-Pantheon" by Harley J. Sims
"Gaiman: The Teller Of Tales And The Fairy Tale Tradition" by Leslie Drury
"The Best Things Come In Threes: The Triple Goddess In The Works Of Neil Gaiman" by Tony Keen
"Women’s Magic: Witches And The Works of Neil Gaiman" by Jessica Burke
"Fables And Reflections: Doubles, Duality And Mirrors In The Fiction Of Neil Gaiman" by Samuel Brooker
"Through A Telescope Backwards: Tripping The Light Fantastic In The Gaiman Universe" by Kristine Larsen
"The Eternal Carnival Of The Myth: Or How To Kill Myths And Live Happy" by Camillo A. Formigatti
"“It Starts With Doors” Blurred Boundaries And Portals In The Worlds Of Neil Gaiman" by Tanya Carinae Pell Jones
"The End Of The World As We Know It: Neil Gaiman And The Future Of Mythology" by Lynn Gelfand
"The Playful Palimpsest Of Gaiman’s Sequential Storytelling" by Colin B. Harvey