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The Neil Gaiman Reader

Editor: Darrell Schweitzer
Originally published in/as: US Hardcover and Paperback
Publisher: Wildside Press
Cover Art: Kirk Alberts
Publication date: 2007
ISBN-13 Hardcover: 978-0-8095-5625-0
ISBN-10 Hardcover: 0-8095-5625-1
UPC Hardcover: 9-780809556250
Price Hardcover: $35.00
ISBN-13 Paperback: 978-0-8095-5637-3
ISBN-10 Paperback: 0-8095-5637-5
UPC Paperback: 9-780809-556373
Price Paperback: $19.95

"Introduction To A Very Large Subject" by Darrell Scweitzer p7-8
"Campbell And The Sandman: Reminding Us Of The Sacred" by Stephen Rauch p11-21
"Dreams And Fairy Tales: The Theme Of Rationality In A Midsummer Night's Dream And The Sandman" by Julie Myers Saxton p22-29
"The King Forsakes His Throne: Campbellian Hero Icons In Neil Gaiman's Sandman" by Peter S. Rawlik, Jr p30-50
"Blue And Pink: Gender In Neil Gaiman's Work" by Mary Borsellino p51-53
"Gods And Other Monsters: A Sandman Exit Interview And Philosophical Omnibus" by Robert K. Elder p54-78
"Neil Gaiman In Words And Pictures" by Ben P. Indick p79-96
"Pay Attention: There May Or May Not Be A Man Behind The Curtain, An Analysis Of Neil Gaiman And Dave McKean's Violent Cases" by JaNell Golden p97-102
"An Autopsy Of Storytelling: Metafiction And Neil Gaiman" by Chris Dowd p103-114
"Tapdancing On The Shoulders Of Giants: Neil Gaiman's Stardust And Its Antecedents" by Darrell Schweitzer p115-121
"The Old Switcheroo: A Study In Neil Gaiman's Use Of Character Reversal" by Jason Erik Lundberg p122-130
"Backstage" by William Alexander p131-134
"No Need To Choose: A Magnificent Anarchy Of Belief" by Bethany Alexander p133-139
"The Thin Line Between" by Marilyn 'Mattie' Brahen p140-148
"On The Death Of Mad King Sweeny: Irish Lore And Literature In American Gods" by William Alexander p149-153
"Catharsis And The American God: Neil Gaiman" by Baba Singh p154-164
"The Frame And The Flashback: Analyzing Neil Gaiman's Story 'Murder Mysteries'" by Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen p165-170
"Coraline - A Quest For Identity" by Mike Ashley p171-174
"Another Interview With Neil Gaiman" by Darrell Scweitzer p175-189
"Neil Gaiman: An Incomplete Bibliography" by Davey Snyder p190-212