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This site aims to record Neil Gaiman's published works as thoroughly as possible.

"One of the really, really, really gloriously obsessive fans of mine" - Neil Gaiman on Late Night with Seth Meyers 6/23/2016
"...possessor of a collection of my stuff that rivals the one in my attic" - Neil Gaiman on 6/4/2002

23 Years after hearing about the piece in Angels And Visitations, I finally found the Time Out magazine with Six To Six in it. It was not published in 1990, but the end of 1988, and was originally titled 'Less Than Zero'

April 9: Added photos for Graveyard Book comic adaptation limited edition, Salem's Lot numbered edition, Walking Through The Landscape Of Faerie, Dr.Who Novellas: Eye Of The Tyger very limited edition indeed, Eternity's Wheel Subterranean lettered edition
April 1: Found a page with old formatting; fixed. Added American Gods #1 (7 covers), Walking Through The Landscape Of Faerie, Forbidden Brides adaptation, Troll Bridge adaptation
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February 25: Added Neverwhere UK Hardcover 2016, picture for Children And Libraries (and correct V.7#1 to V.7 #2), Gutted, American Gods/Anansi Boys UK omnibus, DrWho Complete History V.67
February 19: Added Head Land, Terry Pratchett Diary, Year's Best Dark Fantasy And Horror 2016, American Gods/Anansi Boys Omnibus 2016 edition
Januray 21 2017: Added Untitled Whitgiftian Magazine, Trochut deisgned editions of 2001, Dune, The Left Hand Of Darkness, Neuromancer, The Once And Future King, and Stranger In A Strange Land
November 22: Added table of contents for forthcoming Norse Mythology
November 21: Added World Fantasy Convention 2009, Locus #651
July 10: Added even more Guardian issues.
July 9: Added a ton of Guardian issues, In The Shadow Of Frankenstein, Year's Best Young Adult Speculative Fiction 2013, Beyond The Woods
July 7: Added Andrew Shapiro: Pink Jean Mint Green
June 22: I'm all caught up with the backlog in the house. Now there's just things trickling in. Added The Last Dragon
June 19: Added Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains UK book and UK CD, Eternity's Wheel subterranean edition, How To Talk To Girls At Parties comic adaptation, Sherlock, Chris Riddell box set US and UK editions, several Guardian issues, Batman Black And White collection with movie and DC Comics Collection box set, Realms deluxe edition, Oxcrimes deluxe edition, Children and Libries. Added image for Can and Can'tankerous limited edition.
June 18: Added Eternals DVD, Real History Of Science Fiction DVD, Black Heart Ivory Bones MP3 CD, Cherry Deluxe Ashcan. Added images for Wayward Manor USB drives
June 15: Added Hero Comics
June 13: Added Love, Fishie, a few editions of Mononoke, a DrWho dvd reissue, Gahan Wilson Born Dead Still Weird. Updated Good Omens audio from Isis to include MP3 CD. Updated Mr.Punch to include UK Hardcover info
June 12: Added Miracleman Golden Age collections from Marvel, Overstreet's Fan #6 alternate cover
June 11: Added View UK Hardcover and US Large Print editions, Ilan Eshkeri's Stardust, Ruby Slippers MP3 CD, Great Authors Sci Fi and Fantasy, 100 Words Every Middle Schooler Should Know, Last Night A Superhero Saved My Life, Neverwhere US paperback 2016, some Time OUt research (no new finds), Hope Sticker
June 10: Added View signed US edition, Off Limits MP3 CD
June 5: Added View hardcover, Trigger Warning CD. Cross-referenced View and Trigger audio books.
June 4: Added Prez collection, Best Horror Of The Year V6 MP3. Updated Best Sci-Fi v.10
May 30: Added Overstreet's Fan #3 Comic con edition, American Gods 10th anniversary signed edition, George RR Martin Print, Wish For You Print, Hope Print, 8 Rules For Writing rpint and poster, Radioactive Myth Print, Futurians, Gaiman Coloring Book
May 29: Added Chu's Day At The Beach US Hardcover, Chu's First Day At School UK paperback, Ocean At The End Of The Lane US Signed Hardcover, Sleeper And The Spinle US Hardcover 2015, Silver Birch Blood Moon MP3 CD, Storm. Added image for Chu's First Day At School UK and US Hardcovers, Interworld lettered edition, Silver Dream lettered edition, Essentials Of Public Speaking
May 28: Added Chu's First Day Of School Board Book, Best Horror V.8, Chu's day at the Beach board book, UK Hardcover
May 25: Added DrWho at the BBC V.8, 50 Years Of DrWho At The BBC, Street Magicks
May 23: Added Eternity's Wheel Audio Book, Trigger Warning US Paperback, Good Omens 2014 paperback, Welcome To Bordertown audio book
May 22: Added Best Sci Fi V.10, Stardust Easton Press, Neverwhere Easton Press, Neverwhere US Hardcover, Write Back Soon, Instructions US Hardcover 2015, Live This Day, Trivia On Books Ocean At The End Of The Lane, Trivia On Books American Gods, Sandman Overture collection (2 covers), Free Country
May 21: Fixed 3008 publication date typo. Added Graveyard Book full cast CD, Eternity's Wheel US paperback
May 14: Added Horn Book Magazine, Zombies More Recent Dead MP3 CD, Sirens MP3 CD, Lovecraft's Monsters MP3 CD, Eternity's Wheel UK Paperback, DrWho series 7 DVD reissue, First Light. Added image for Graveyard Book US 2014 paperback
May 8: Not doing a great job doing updates, but I found the Time Out with Six To Six and added that in! Added Time Out #954, 1125
April 17: Added Stick This Book, How The Marquis Got His Coat Back
February 28: Added Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension box set, image for Guardian Weekend Aug 9 2014, Truth Is A Cave... Limited Hardcover, Crazy Hair US Paperback, image for Art Of Neil UK edition and Signed edition, Art Of Neil Gaiman paperback, Mr.Hero collection, image for Teknophage collection paperback, My Incredibly Strange And Amazing Real-Life Adventures In The World Of Comic Books
February 14: Added Can And Can'tankerous, Future Shock DVD, Sandman Gellery remarqued edition, Talib Kweli LP, added image for Annotated Sandman
Febrary 7: Added Annotated Sandman V.4 (no image yet), Good Omens UK 2015, Information Doesn't Want To Be Free Audio Book, Sleeper And The Spindle Audio Book
January 31: Added Stardust/Hotel For Dogs/The Spiderwick Chronicles, Sandman Gallery Edition (4 editions), Murder Mysteries Gallery Edition, Chipotle Cup, images for Art Of Horror and Eisner Champion Of The Graphic Novel, Cards Against Humanity Fantasy Pack
January 30: Added Three Film Laika Collection (3 versions), Coraline US DVD 2015, Stardust UK DVD 2015, Stardust/Ondine 2-pack
January 28: Added The Art Of Horror (no image), Dream Logic, A Calendar Of Tales. Added image for Realms
January 24: Lucifer Book 1, Trigger Warning editions: UK Paperback, signed US Hardcover, US Large Print, UK Hardcover, Sixteen Legs Production Art, Will Eisner: Champion Of The Graphic Novel (no image yet)
January 23: Added Sandman Overture #6 - all covers and Overtures Special Edition 5-6, Teknophage collection
January 18: Added Marvel's Miracleman #1-6 including variants
January 14 2016: Added The Big Book Of Sherlock Holmes Stories, The Humanity Of Monsters, Ocean at the end of the lane UK 2015 paperback, Dream print, Shadow Show collection, New Statesman, alternate cover to Overstreet Fan #4, New York Times March 1 2015, deluxe Prince Of Stories

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