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300 Good Reasons To Resent Dave Sim: Adventures In The Dream Trade, Comic Buyer's Guide #977, Feature V.3 #4
2009 Newberry Acceptance Speech: In The Words Of The Winners
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (Critical essay/review): Adventures In The Dream Trade, Comics Forum #14, Foundation #38
Bone Notes: Jeff Smith: Bone And Beyond
Anthony Boucher - The Compleat Werewolf, And Other Stories Of Fantasy And SF: Horror 100 Best Books
The Bride Of Frankenstein: Cinema Macabre
A Diary Of Chengdu: The New York Review Of Science Fiction #231
Entitlement Issues: A Little Gold Book Of Ghastly Stuff
Essay For Beth: Dark Dreamers
Essay For Patti: Adventures In The Dream Trade, The Faces Of Fantasy
First Amendment Credo (untitled): Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Happy New Year Card 2010
Four Poems: Brothers And Beasts
Free Speech & The CBLDF: Fiddler's Green: A Sandman Convention Book
Neil Gaiman On The Internet: Locus #600
Good Comics And Why You Should Sell Them: Gods & Tulips
Hanukkah With Bells On: Independent December 21 2008
Harvey Awards Speech (2004): A Little Gold Book Of Ghastly Stuff
How Dare You?: American Gods (UK 2005), American Gods (US 2011), American Gods (Easton Press 2012), American Gods (US 2013), American Gods (UK 2013), Inside Borders August 2001
In Search Of America see How Dare You?
Locus Looks At YA Fiction: Locus #570
A Modest Proposal: Free Speeches
The Mystery Of Father Brown: 100 Great Detectives, Angels And Visitations
Mythcon 35 Author Guest Of Honor Speech: Mythprint October 2004; Passport To Narnia
Nebula Award Speech (2005): A Little Gold Book Of Ghastly Stuff
Newberry Medal Acceptance Speech: The Graveyard Book (US Paperback 2010)
Notebook Thoughts From Abroad: Cabinet Of Curiosities
Notes From A Successful Crossover Author: Writers' And Artists' Yearbook 2009
Notes Towards A Vegetable Theology: Notes Towards A Vegetable Theology; Prince Of Stories
On Cities: Sim City 2000
On Signings: Gods & Tulips
The Origin Of The Comic You Are Now Holding (What It Is And How It Came To Be): Absolute Sandman Special Edition; Essential Vertigo: The Sandman #1, Sandman #4
Quorn Versus The Microwave Popcorn!: Concatenation #4
Reflections on Myth (with digressions into Gardening, Comics and Fairy Tales): Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art #31
The Sandman Proposal: Absolute Sandman V.1, Absolute Sandman Special Edition
The Julius Schwartz Lecture: The Julius Schwartz Lecture: Live At MIT
The Story Behind The Graveyard Book: The Graveyard Book (US Paperback 2014)
The Tomb Of The Cybermen: Doctor Who: The Doctor's Lives And Times
Two Minutes To Run: Chipotle Cup Cultivating Thought Author Series: Neil Gaiman
What The [Very Bad Swearword] Is A Children's Book Anyway?: The Horn Book Magazine V.88 #6
Where Do You Get Your Ideas: Sonhos, Palavras E Imagens
Where I Write: Anticipation The 67th World Science Fiction Convention Book
Why Books Are Dangerous: Glencoe Literature, Guys Write For Guys Read
Why Defend Freedom Of Icky Speech?: A Little Gold Book Of Ghastly Stuff
Why I Wrote Coraline: Coraline (US 2002 Diamond Edition); Coraline (US 2006)
Why I Wrote The Graveyard Book: The Graveyard Book (US Paperback 2013)
Writing (The PRO/con Speech): Gods & Tulips, Magian Line V.3.2
Writing And Werewolfing: Waterstone's Guide To Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
You Never Forget Your First Time: Batman Cover To Cover